Monday, January 12, 2009

A mini-introduction

I am a true Singaporean. Food speaks to me in ways that nothing else can. Therefore, the reason for writing a food blog is less because I am so vain that I believe my critiques on food are the law, and more because trying out different cuisines is my passion.

It's almost a form of catharsis; a bit of an obsession and a bit of an educational experience, all rolled into one.

Ever notice how you judge your friends by what they order? That's "Salad Sally", who can't love herself and life enough to order anything but greens...and there's "Foie Gras Fred"...the show off, who has to order something fancy to overcompensate. And good old "Curry Charlie", who you can just enjoy yourself with as he eats his meals with his hands, unbashedly.

Somewhere in between, we all find our groove. Indeed, having a good food experience is like being on a great holiday; your senses are pampered, you feel relaxed, and most of all, it teaches you new things about yourself and the world.

So, without further ado, let the gustatory extravaganza unfold...

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